Sunday, June 10, 2012

Video of the day

Don't know why? Wanna cry.
Maybe just maybe it has something to do with that distorted view we have of the past. When we think about the late sixties we imagine hippies under foot and all the greats of what we now call classic rock. The reality is, this was a big hit, if you lived any place where they had radios that played music this would be the song far more likely to be stuck in your head, not The Door's or The Airplane or Hendrix or any of that cool groovy shit. I'm told that when I was a tiny child just learning to speak I would join in at the chorus when it played on the radio. A song about a part of town the middle class was fleeing and it was starting to get a little scary. Let's go Downtown. Thing's 'll be great when we're Downtown..there's a certain irony in there somehow 'cause irony can be pretty dam ironic when you think about it, so  forget all your troubles forget all you cares and let's go downtown. Thing's 'll be great when we're Downtown.                                     

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