Thursday, June 30, 2011

Videos of the day

As I struggle to write the definitive Sarah Palin post I think these two might come up.

I already used this one but I find it just so strange that I would ever use this in relation to Pallin but oddly it works, somehow? I fear that when I figure just how that video applies to her and somehow because we grew up here at the same time I know it might, maybe it's the way she ripped through the republican party on the way to become Governor and maybe it's the way she fucked with the oil companies like no other Governor R or D has ever before in this state where every one in office sucks the big oil dick, I know she has her flaws in fact I coined a rule of politics during her term "Don't do the same shit that the guy you ran against did" If I had lived elsewhere ironically enough I would have called that the "Obama rule", now to be fair I call it the Palin/Obama rule", but she's more Patti Smith then Pat Nixon........ and that just might mean our one hope for true freedom in 2012 might be some chick from the valley and that scares me and it should scare you too. Just ain't right. So, once again I give you the thought that in the upside down world of today just maybe, Sarah Palin is a.....

And she has no guilt.............

They keep asking

What's it like being a bike messenger in Alaska? Well, most of the time it feels like this, when it's good it feels like this. In the winter it looks like this, in summer it looks and feels more or less like this.

and it's a little like that and it's getting to be a little like this.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Videos of the day

Sometimes you can't really put it in words. This song is for you my brothers!

If it's tourist season...

....why can't we shoot 'em? That's a little joke we tell ourselves Downtown, yeah it's a joke and we never dream about siting on a roof with a scoped MP-5SD looking for matching jackets and gift shop bags, no never. They're an important part of the economy and all. there's no hate behind the smile.
Welcome to Anchorage.
I hope you enjoy your stay.
Now could you please
get the fuck out of my way.
No hate behind that smile.
Have a nice day,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Give me a P! Give me a T! Give me an S! Give a D! What's that spell

Some times I find myself thinking back to the days of dodging .22 automatics and the later days of dodging 22 ton trucks and 2 ton cars and somehow when I think about these things falling upon my brain one after the other and my mind is just so full of fuck and I can barely hang on, just the thought of you, well, it helps me keep it together.

So, there I was.

Much love to Bob the Guy.