Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CMWC or Our Second Honeymoon, The Prelude.

I've been dropping near this place quite a bit lately. I know nothing of the history of the building. I imagine it was quite the grand hotel when it was built, back when 2nd. Avenue didn't just drop off into nothingness the next block east. I understand that now it's a boutique hotel and really quite nice. In the late nineties it was a good time to be a bike messenger and I was okay in the summers and a two-wheeled god in the winters. Now I'm semi-retired, I work on average two hours a day. I'm looking to get involved in co-op with some other bike messengers then I'll work more hours on fewer days and with the gas thing that day may come soon. My business is a boutique service. I'll work for you, if I like you but I'm not going out of my way to look for new clients.
Anyway back to our story I want to go to "The Cycle Messenger World Championships" my lovely wife has no interest in going. That's fine. I spend a long time going back and forth on whether to go without her because I know that at times I will miss her so much it will physically hurt. I finally decide that I can endure that the tough part will be not whining to much about it. It'll be like being in my late twenties and early thirties again, I can stay at a buddies place, lots of drinking, smoking, two-wheeled shenanigans, staying up late only without the constantly trying to get laid. Almost the bachelor party I didn't bother to have.
The older I get the more I hate to fly and the worse flying coach gets. The only way I can handle a flight that long is if I go first class. I also really do not want to pay full fare and who would. I've hemmed and hawed about it too long for a mileage ticket, an upgradable fare too fucking much. A little Shatner magic and there as if the hand of god is pushing me to Toronto is it first class for a tad over a C-note more than your average coach fare. That's it I'm going. I tell her and another miracle, maybe it was to good a bargain to pass up, maybe she wanted a break from work, it could have been many things but my true love changed her mind. My heart soared. I would have dug the wild boys adventure thing, no doubt. There are sure to be some logistical issues but so what I'll have Cheryl at my side. I'll continue the rest in segments, kind of like blog novel. Or would that be "blovel"?