Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NACCC in Anchorage 2010, why not?

On a recent visit to Seattle I had a chat with an ex-messenger who's still quite active in the messenger community. Apparently there is great enthusiasm to bring the North American Cycle Courier championships here to Anchorage. Problem is there's only one bike messenger and he's a boring married old fart who tires easily. We need help? Since this thing is bringing more people to my humble blog. I'm going to blatantly solicit for the help I need. First volunteers to go to meeting deal with city officials and such. Ex-Bike messengers I know you're out there. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little bike racing and a big ol' party with friends old and new? Second cash and Lott's of it, prize sponsors shouldn't be an issue. I am incredibly open minded as to who's cash I'll take. Oil companies, Greenpeace, Nudey bars or Anchorage baptist temple, it all good. There's just one little catch you can in no way compromise the quality of the event. You can sell your product or ideas in the expo area and any parties you sponsor, you can even hang banners along the race course. Just make an effort not to be a bother elsewhere. Third the most important sponsor, a beer sponsor. Here's the pitch. Bike messengers for the most part love beer. If you provide us with free and/or cheap beer through out the event and if we like your product we will start buying it, we will pester our favorite bars and stores to carry it, we will make a point of being seen drinking it. At this point a certain demographic will start buying your product to drink what the real bike messengers drink. In a short time your sales in urban areas not just in North America but other parts of the world will go up. Any potential sponsors or volunteers are welcome to E-mail.