Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Anchorage Bike Messenger Thing Boost

Now I admit I don't get out much anymore so, I only know these cats from You Tube, never seen 'em live but I put this video on one of my rambling posts because I thought they knew how to talk about this weird place and next month they're opening for Snoop Dog. Just sayin' and keeping it real, kidding. Congrats guys hope to make the show.

Friday, July 16, 2010

That's Kirk. Yeah, like fuckin Star Trek

Miss you Dad. In 1969, the year of Woodstock my father purchased the album that this video came from. I was four. He came home and immediately put it on the record player. Mom ducked out somewhere. I stuck around. It's my first memory of seeing my Dad experience joy. One of my favorite Albums of all times. Thanks, ya Old Bastard. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some day I'm gonna quit this shit.

Says the crackhead
Says the junkie.
Says the bike messenger,
But just let me get high, really high like when I started,
Just one more time then,
I'm done no, really I'm done.
Yeah right.
When they pull the stem out of your mouth,
When they pull the needle out,
When they pull the bike from your cold dead thighs.Back when I had my first taste this song was a new one. It had the rhythm of winter at least winters then which are not as good as winter now. Melodic, thrash, melodic, thrash repeat as needed