Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I used to think I was depressed

Then I realized that things are really depressing. You know shit like the economy, politics where it seams like whichever party wins, we lose, the state of "this messenger thing" and all the usual fucked up shit that happens. When I think of these things it's late and I'm tired, maybe I had a drink more then I should have. Yeah, I get a little dark. Most of the time when I'm too preoccupied with life and stuff to be pecking away at some silly blog I'm actually one happy son of a bee. Oh one little thing. Sorry about the necro video, speaking as a feminist myself I knew it was wrong, I might even be offended if I were still capable of of that but dam I am that cocksure on the road. I can't pretend I'm any better I use and abuse other human beings for my own gratification I just do it a little differently, can I look down on The Sexorsist and Max Hardcore? No fuck that noise I knew it was wrong and I did it because it was rightWhat's your name? Who's you Daddy?Is he rich like me? Has he taken any time to show you what you need to know?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Analogies can break down.

In an earlier post I tried to make an analogy between driving a car and packing a gun. Just one key area where that breaks down. You pick up a loaded gun you know you have a dangerous object under your control at least most people even the nut jobs get that one. The average driver turns the key and gives it no thought what so ever and most people don't. Heck, you want to take anothers life don't shoot them run 'em over when they're walking or riding a bike. "I swear to God, I just didn't see 'em. Yeah that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just wandered out in front of my car.

Just another night in the "messenger bar"

Once upon a time I would have been on the other end of the. "Our van ran out of gas outside of 'The Messenger Bar*', rescue us." phone call. This just wouldn't have happened not on our watch. We knew better, back then it we knew to say." Screw the van, get the band the fuck out of Darwin's before they talk them into playing a song or two, for a couple of drinks, immediate rescue, like Dunkirk, baby! You with the pick-up, you with the wagon, go to the rescue. Do it for the sake of their second set." This was before they started drinking, before the rescue arrived.

*It's like, this obscure insider Darwin's/bike messenger joke and it's dam funny too. Trust me have I ever lied to you before at least that you know about?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is it the song or is it the car?

I like these songs kind of, well, sort of, kind of, but I love the Jeepster and the DS-19.
I don't hate cars some I can love some of the classics, even, but for me driving a car is like packing, a deadly weapon, I hate it when morons miss-use either one but that's going to happen regardless of the laws we pass. Ya' gotta have some style, any moron can drive a Subaru or pack a Glock or ride a trendy bike, fixie , "Dutch Style" or the flavor of the month, a man of style packs a 1911, Hi-Power or CZ-75 in his vintage automobile or riding a steel bicycle . No drinking, driving and packing at the same time, just pick one or maybe two long as the first four letters in one of the two aren't d r i n. Got to be responsible. A little drinking and bike riding? Start slow build skill's first and accept responsibility for your own stupidity and of course no carrying your guns. Just a thought here let's have an open carry critical mass. I had a hard time backing "Critical mass" because doing something already legal in a big group like that just pisses people off. I never got behind the "Open carry" thing because doing something already legal like that in big groups just scares the shit out of people. Now combine the two........just maybe a cyclist can get a little respect in this town?

Monday, May 9, 2011

We in Alaska now.

Buddy you don't have to be afraid of that old man over there.
He looks kind of mean but he's just like you.
Come to think of it I know that guy, known him for a long time.
Let's flag him over.
Come on over here meet your brother you don't know.
Another Summer old friends make new friends.
Don't worry baby we's in Alaska .