Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back in the day, along the way

Some choose to be bike messengers, some of us are born to be bike messengers. As if something in my blood was speaking to me in June of 96 I opened the first all bike courier service in Anchorage. I wasn't fast but I became fast. Let's face it in a car dominated market how hard can that be. I remember a quote from a Navy Seal. "It's not that we're so good it's just that everyone else sucks." At this point in my life my focus is not on promoting my business, it's on taking care of my wife and our little cat. I'm burned out on sales. If you need the finest and fastest courier service in town? I can help you out but you have to convince me to work for you. If you're a bike messenger in Anchorage I'm your new best friend. I will teach you everything I've learned about how not to die or get hurt and if you want start your own service(assuming you last more then a year) you've got one hardcore serious motherfucker willing to ride for you. I can no more stop being what I am then I can stop the snow from falling

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Screw you man

Between the whole getting married thing and just life in general I haven't had the chance to work on this blog, the one time I do some anonymous twit comments to correct a couple small errors in grammar. If this person had used a name I might have more respect for their opinion. I might have even perceived it as trying to be helpful. The sad truth is I have no respect for people who hide behind their computer screens. Anything I put up has my name on it. I call that part of being a real man or woman. So all I have to say to this twit is."After reading what little of this there is, that's all you have to say. No really, screw you man."

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sometimes words fail

I'd wanted to continue with the San Francisco story mentioning a brief visit to Seattle and then I find about this.