Saturday, June 2, 2012

Talkin' 'bout the Joker.

They tell me he's a fraud and a joke, he got on BET afterdark, he had the cars and the girls at least on camera, yeah that living room is part of the lobby of the Cook and they might of hacked the elevator at 520 L but he worked with Bizzy Bone, fake, wannabe, whatever? No ones ever written and videoed  about this town like he did, at the same time captured a part of our "unique frontier spirit" something that is Anchorage that is beyond culture or group, something timeless an attitude, if you will.  So, roll up a vega for the Joker, we goin' club hoppin'. The video part of the first song below, it just shows that perfect summers day off in Anchorage, the song speaks for itself. The second song well it's just darn cute and cut off too short.Gansta, legitimate businessman, black, white or whatever. Money comes and goes and we try real hard not fuck with each other. We party a tad harder then we should, that's how we roll up north So, roll up a Vega for the players and ride safe, wear a condom.

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