Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sam

Los Anchorage you call it

You say it so smugly. Well fuck you, you need us to be Los Anchorage, where else are you gonna get your supplies, where else can you have your crack, booze, hooker binges. Without us your frontier thing would shrivel up and die. How many frequent flyer miles on your account. How many trips to Seattle? Me I am who I am, I live here I accept it for what it is. Do you truly accept where you live? Why you hangin' in Los Anchorage, anyway? I live in Los Anchorage where growin' up here, it's a lot like this and a little like this. We called it Spenard and it was a little more diverse. Small town charm and big city convenience Infused with a frontier spirit. I got a buddy with a Cessna who owes me big. Know what I'm sayin?