Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In the "messenger bar" tonight..

My buddy brought in some of his work buddies, he kept introducing me as the farthest north cycle messenger. I was honor bound to correct him because cats have been working Helsinki for years and I hear there are a couple cats north of that in Finland. There may or may not have been messengers in Fairbanks, might have been a summer only thing, in that case who gives a flying fuck at a rolling donut? Year round that's some balls or ovaries, I may be one bad motherfucker.... but I won't take credit where it's not due. I do think if the Finns, the phantoms of Fairbanks, some of my redneck buddies and I get together, we happy cold weather drunkards, oh we happy few that have lived the word "Snotcycle" it's gonna be a motherfuckin' party.

Just sayin'

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