Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is it the song or is it the car?

I like these songs kind of, well, sort of, kind of, but I love the Jeepster and the DS-19.
I don't hate cars some I can love some of the classics, even, but for me driving a car is like packing, a deadly weapon, I hate it when morons miss-use either one but that's going to happen regardless of the laws we pass. Ya' gotta have some style, any moron can drive a Subaru or pack a Glock or ride a trendy bike, fixie , "Dutch Style" or the flavor of the month, a man of style packs a 1911, Hi-Power or CZ-75 in his vintage automobile or riding a steel bicycle . No drinking, driving and packing at the same time, just pick one or maybe two long as the first four letters in one of the two aren't d r i n. Got to be responsible. A little drinking and bike riding? Start slow build skill's first and accept responsibility for your own stupidity and of course no carrying your guns. Just a thought here let's have an open carry critical mass. I had a hard time backing "Critical mass" because doing something already legal in a big group like that just pisses people off. I never got behind the "Open carry" thing because doing something already legal like that in big groups just scares the shit out of people. Now combine the two........just maybe a cyclist can get a little respect in this town?

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