Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's late, here's an update

I do this blog when I have time to myself and sometimes I post an idea and I'm just too tired, lit or some combo to really do it right. I delete the ones that really suck and leave the ones that just kind of suck. This one I just had to flesh out. I might do that from time to time. I like to throw in a video or picture with my posts. Lately for the videos I've been favoring the local hip-hop/rap stuff (I'm a square middle-aged white suburbanite these day's forgive me if I fuck-up the labels) because it reminds me of some stuff I heard about back in my youth. Yeah the background music was different, the complexions lighter, not as much public violence, etc. and they's all just stories second hand and I can't remember names for crap,but then music videos weren't made. Just lot's of cash floating around legitimate and some ...............shenanigans ensued according to the stories but here in Alaska it's the same story just different players and I don't give a fu.. if your from Cali, you don't wanna role up on my fat white ass in a deep dark alley...........

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