Friday, November 19, 2010

Sarrah Pallin's Alaska

It's a T.V. show a dream, a fantasy it's a dream and that's okay. On the one hand the show sells Alaska and it's a wonderful place and it's people are proud people in the video above is a white sounding guy from Spenard performing rap in L.A. that might only make sense to Alaskans (You might get the feeling behind it but it might be hard for you to fully understand it unless your from here), now that's balls and we're like that. On the other it seams to be about selling Mrs. Pallin's beliefs and that's okay, I guess. That's what makes it a dream. A dream may seam real to the dreamer and it might be close to reality but it's still a dream. So, I just got to be an asshole and say. "Shit ain't like that!" There's more nuances and stuff.To wit we;re all republican and shit but 48% of us who bother to vote will vote for any proposition to legalize weed and well ..... Enjoy the show but it's not like your Alaska or my Alaska and it's not like others Alaska.

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