Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thoughts on BBQ during a weird "spring and a visit to a nice town

So, Sunday I've got the urge for some serious barbecue the slow smoked kind. Yes, a brisket! It occurs to me I'd do this about once a month if there were more bike messengers in town. I'd have to purchase some meat free grates and come up with something for the dam vegans. For brother or sister messengers I'd make that extra effort. I most likely won't do that when we throw a barbecue for friends, bar buddies and people we know from work. I'll have some stuff they can eat. I don't dislike vegans after all. I just don't see myself making that extra effort to accommodate them at a barbecue. A bike messenger barbecue would be an entirely different matter. A bike messenger thing should be as inclusive as possible at least for other bike messengers and their companions.

This got me thinking about a visit to Seattle last month where spring was in full effect. What terrific hosts the messenger of that city were both to me and my wife. Thank you.One of the nice things about Seattle. The coffee shop where a lot of the messengers go is located real close to Cheryl's favorite stores. Hitting Nordstrom's or Sephora, want coffee, look for some bike messengers. That's the place to get it.
This also had me thinking about what terrific hosts the messengers in just about every messenger city I've visited were too . Thank you as well.

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