Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shouldn't it be spring?

It should be spring but winter is hanging around like a Mormon missionary with an Amway franchise. BTW in that last picture is the " Volvo of death" avoid this vehicle at all costs. I am not in anyway speaking ill of AMS, just if you see this car get the fuck out of the way. Trust me, have I ever lied to you before.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are hitting CA and drinking with the few, the proud and the loud.. Suomi Messengers!!!

Kirk said...

I'm hoping to. it depends on either talking my wife into it or manipulating Alaska Airlines miles for a free ticket.

tofu said...


Anonymous said...

... and apparently, STILL not spring yet.

I just wandered by to offer my congratulations on becoming one of those kind of people who get married. :) My best to you and Cheryl.

~ Charity P.

Kirk said...

Thank you, hope things are going well for you too.