Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes I can't sleep.

Thinking about the past and some people I used to know. I try to talk about it have to borrow someone elses words. Where is my literary laxative when can I let my beer shit out.


David Decimal said...

wow man! Chin up! I used to be a mess'er thru the winters in Chicago - finally got out to SF. Nice blog!

Kirk said...

Oh it's not that bad. Most of my bar buddies are a tad older then me and we've lost a few that and I was little frustrated with my abilities as a write. Like your blog too.

Kirk said...

Who am I kidding it's not just the bar buddies gone that keep me awake it's the dead messenger buddies too some I've met if only for a second and some I knew through story or other second hand knowledge, like Bronx Jon and all the others I've lost over my 43 spins around the sun. That keeps me up and my frustration over trying to write about but like the man says I suck but so many suck harder.