Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling old

I've been feeling a little old lately. Doing the sorts of things I used to do is harder, I need a good nights sleep. It takes longer to recover from injuries, I could go on. Then I ran into someone I went to High School with. Both of us doing middle-class married male Cost Co. escort duty. My wife later asked if he was older then me. I thought about for a second. "Actually he's about two-three years younger." It hit me that most men my age well, look my age. I still get carded from time to time, because to the nice young clerk/waiter/waitress/bartender I still fall under the "card everybody under thirty-five" rule. I've never had to seek treatment for E. D. guys, saddle adjustment is key. Anyway right now there's about two inches of new snow over about an inch or two of old snow and ice, more snow is falling. It's been a slow morning, this gave me the chance to put some more aggressive tires on the work bike. Riding a bike in these conditions can be a bit dangerous, just going from point A to B, not so much because the bike has problems but because the idiots you share the road with, do. Now, add in the fact that I will be going fast whether I need to or not. It's in my nature. I should be concerned, I should stay here with our cat for as long as I can get away with, I should think about catching a ride home after work with my lovely wife. No, fuck that. I must ride, I must frolic in the snow on the ice amongst the cars and the morons who drive them, I must stop at "The Messenger Bar", I must ride home after one more then I planned on, Now I must dance!


Nhattaleah King said...

I know what you mean. The amount of sleep I need has gone up dramaticly in the last couple of years (but that could be from being on my bike ten hours a day), but i'm still getting carded for beer (and this is in the UK, a country that lets their 16 year olds get away with it from time to time).

I was offered a reduced rate art class for under 18's at my school.

I've been wondering if it's because I'm a fit young vegan or if it's all down to the genes.

Let's blame the cycling,

Kirk said...

Well I'm an unhealthy omnivore who good probably eat a cheeseburger for every meal if I could. I think it just might be the cycling.